The essence is to extend ideas Wangzhuan

in the contact Wangzhuan crowd, many novice friends are complaining about not to earn money, but also some master it every day in counting money hand cramps. The same is to engage in Wangzhuan, why is there such a big gap, I think one of the important reasons is that master knows extension ideas.

in fact, is not what a lot of Wangzhuan master unique cheats, no new suspected profiteering project, they only through a feasible solution to develop a more successful model.

as everyone knows, blog portal site high weight, big flow, and hang their own advertising code can make money, so money on free blog tutorial innumerable. Novice friends to see others after the success of the operation, but also copy a blog, but the result is not satisfactory. The reason why many people would be the case, it is not too eager to open the thought. These people registered blog soon after hanging up the code, and then start with the circle, although temporarily sending information to a lot of traffic, but when the visitors found these pages without any attraction, would not hesitate to turn off the browser. As a result, no money is normal.

this time people would jump out of innocence, said he cheated, that doesn’t make money blogging. A friend but I know this is the use of free resources to do Wangzhuan, there are several thousand dollars a month. He began to do is Sina blog, in the application of the account has been determined before their own theme, wrote a few articles of great quality. So that every visitor will stay here for some time, some people will gradually take the initiative to visit. Due to the high weight of Sina blog, Baidu included fast, when reached a certain level, he felt the time is ripe, then add a link to the Taobao guest. As a result of the search engine to the Internet users are oriented crowd, so the effect is very good.

but the income of a blog is, after all, meager, you want to earn more must take the road to build groups. So the friend took a few days to subdivide the Taobao products, will have the value of the long tail keywords all done a summary, then they will use SKYCC mass software batch build blog. So the gains will Many a little make a mickle., very impressive.

in determining the Sina blog can be so after the operation, the friend thought of other portals, then began to provide all blog service sites are analyzed, in the course of study, he found that the NetEase blog provides a dating service, so wanted to do this traffic related products CPA is feasible. In fact, his idea is correct, through this feature he earned much more.

has a large number of blogs, simply hanging advertising is a bit wasteful, the friend began to blog for their site to do links, so that the rankings of related sites greatly improved. Since this approach can lead to the development of a website, then there is no reason not to promote the progress of other sites, so the establishment of a group of stations and reasonable optimization of the road

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