5.24 focus on the national tour of the 2008 general assembly

May, the eight party Kennedy, a Siemens, qingmeizhujiu,

asked the hero of the road!

May, combination, light rain peers, fingerstyle laugh, run the


is a high quality, highly sophisticated Internet grassroots webmaster feast, in May as one falls, another rises the clear sunshine,


after 17 days of the upcoming "Anhui Internet Industry Summit Forum and the second Anhui stationmaster Congress", Ali mother in May 24th led not resigned to playing second fiddle held 2008 National Tour stationmaster Congress "will also be opened in the first station – Hangzhou Railway Station.

"2008 National Tour stationmaster conference activities gradually passing through Chengdu, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha, Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing City, such a large scale, coherence, cross province tour in the webmaster webmaster and Internet industry is also rare.

the tour conference goal is simple – to present the three most influential head of the webmaster portal and many successful webmasters from the screen to your front, together with you to explore the personal website how to make full use of various marketing methods; let IT giants have a close contact with you. I believe that through this exchange, the 2008 Olympic Games, to achieve a long-term and sustainable growth of the profit space, and how to model, solidarity, good faith cooperation, realize common development mode of profit, the maximum value of personal website expansion, is no longer a can not climb the myth.

"how much value do I have to do in the end of the site? Can I get the favor of the market and capital?"

how to get individual venture capital venture capital investment in the Internet project type which is concerned,


May 24th – 2008 National Tour webmaster conference, the first station – Hangzhou Railway Station, will work with you to find the answer!

features of this conference:

30 projects submitted directly to face to face with VCs;

50 investment institutions to visit the scene (angel funds, venture capital funds, investment banks……


500 furniture financing needs of the growth of the owners gathered in Hangzhou; multi field to entrepreneurship, equity, angel, the Internet as the theme of the round table project docking; various forms of capital and industry dialogue mechanism (


includes keynote speech, venue interaction, project selection, etc.;

warm tip:

the conference coupon form all day long and afternoon concert tickets two tickets, tickets will be in (all day long pass) and electronic ticket (afternoon concert tickets) in the form of sending.

please pay attention to the form of the ticket you receive and arrange your itinerary. Come to the scene, wise you will certainly gain more!

guest sign in

9:30 – 9:50 >

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