Traditional retail break the electricity supplier of the trap can bend overtaking

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on December 2nd

Suning is preaching its online and offline integration (O2O) concept on many occasions, the traditional retail industry followers also have. The traditional retail industry tries to combine the traditional advantages of offline and online development space, so as to drive their own development at the same time, make a comeback for the first with the background of Internet business enterprise, because the latter has started looking at the line of the market cake.

Su Ning in the concept of O2O, one of the most important content is the line of the price, which is considered an important symbol for the integration of on-line under the line of suning. Suning this year to comprehensively promote the internet route, the overall restructuring of the organizational structure and other aspects, in order to adapt to this integration.

November 29th, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong attended a public event at O2O will be given a very high significance, he said: "we are entering the fusion of the O2O era, the original shopping online, either single or offline experience fully upgraded, fusion, awaken consumers hidden inner deep and full range of shopping needs, will lead the Chinese retail third revolution."

three months ago, Suning released "Suning Yun", to provide online retail platform for various category of business, Zhang Jindong will sign the formal transition to Suning Internet retailers. Three months later, Zhang Jindong announced, Suning is the O2O from concept to practice.

like Suning as trying to quickly transform the traditional retailers are not a minority. Xujiahui mall group electricity supplier company chairman Guo Zhipeng told Tencent science and technology, the next will be carried out under the integration of online and offline, including the adjustment of the organizational structure. Under the line of the mall trying to Suning as the goal, to catch up with their peers, the main competitors intime.

A recent industry activity

, Golden Eagle Group Vice President Wang Mingyuan of the Tencent said, only online and offline real integration, in order to truly O2O the most basic requirements.

even in the year 11 before the two with Tmall Sike EASYHOME, also claimed to take the integration of online and offline mode. Even the home of the electricity supplier platform, said Wang Xiaokang, general manager of online shopping, consumer behavior can be traded online and offline.

however, build O2O concept, to achieve online and with the price of Suning nearly 6 years for the first time in a single quarter loss, the loss amounted to 108 million, also appeared in the third quarter, it’s hard not to let the industry to put them together.


did not explain the reasons for the decline of profit, but Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin told the Tencent of science and technology, Suning need to master new skills, and this requires a process". But obviously, short-term profits are the victims of this ability.

, however, Suning will focus on the development of platform operations, logistics response, online and offline system optimization, etc., in order to expect this profit for the development of the model can be >

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