The operation of the community’s six key words

I would like to ask: in the eyes of Xugu, which 6 key words for the operation of the community is the most important?

this from the community view about Xie Wen core members of 6 key words: This is the first seed community; this is the second growth — community through their own rapid growth; this is the third – scale large-scale communities have greater room for growth, greater value; this is fourth   the structure of community structure must be comprehensive, the vertical structure of the community is fifth congenitally deficient;   "atmosphere" – community atmosphere to warm, must take great efforts to build a harmonious community; this is between Sixth "carrier" — the community is through information and emotion carrier interaction. This is a part of the idea of teacher Xie Wen

  what is the relationship between the 6 words?

  relying on each other, are indispensable, of course, there are sequential, such as seeds, on the early stage is very important.

my community seed has the advantage, I do not find, because the network is for parents of children China preschool education in this population to also say, is according to their needs, changing community program, meet the needs of children they show, let them say you are the community, this is very important, if to do this, they will help you propaganda.

you are a service for parents in this population, there are no special recognition, a core organization member?

  the core member is not recognized, they will take the initiative to find you, you will come when the owner   in the first words – seeds, as community operators have what deserves special attention it should be their own field to find seeds.

  second: Growth – the community to achieve rapid growth through their own, their own, what does that mean?

  community has since grown in 61bay, wypd is on its own members to help you propaganda, you actually recognized a good community, must get community core personnel identity.

your membership, the identity is what? How did you get it?  After

  in terms of self growth, in addition to member identification, what is worthy of attention?

of course good structure and search engine marketing community is very important, when it comes to structure, we jump to fourth words. There are many aspects of the structure. I understand the structure, (1) the content of the community

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