Why Silicon Valley so cattle What is the secret of its success

Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay area is a global gathering of innovation, technology and new industry venture. There are 7 million people living in this area, but the valuation of more than $1 billion technology companies have more than 150.

many observers instinctively believe that Silicon Valley’s unique ability to shape an entrepreneurial company has made it great. However, this view is wrong. Now there are many places in the world to create the necessary conditions for start-up companies. All over the world there are outstanding technical talent, even venture capital companies are also taking a global strategy.

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Silicon Valley also cannot achieve its greatness, such as the Silicon Valley have the entrepreneurial process a large number of first-hand information, the courage to accept failure and as a result the necessary risk, believe that entrepreneurial spirit will continue to spread in many areas (from the "Silicon Alley" to "Silicon Valley of Europe") to create acceptable the culture.

why Silicon Valley will continue to appear like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn change such companies? As well as the next generation of Airbnb, Dropbox and Uber as the company? The answer to the question hidden in plain sight, expand the scale of the ability that Silicon Valley is to support the company.

when you look at the history of Silicon Valley’s outstanding companies, the number of users and revenue will grow rapidly, the scale will not continue to expand to meet the needs of the global market. Many of the most influential and valuable innovations in Silicon Valley actually take place before the stage of expansion.

to create a great, can change the world of the company not only need to develop a cool App, and financing. Entrepreneurs need to create a large number of institutions, user base and business at a faster rate. This is the secret of Mark · in six years to develop Facebook from the hostel platform into the world’s most popular Internet service platform in.

what makes Silicon Valley so much better in terms of scale? The answer is obviously talent and money. Talent and funding provide a positive feedback loop for expanding the scale. First, the scale of the company will generally stand out from competitors. To expand the scale of the company has the advantage of starting once the company to expand the scale of the ecological system after occupy the heights, so a lot of things around it will be recognized, such as the company’s leadership, the company’s talent, and investment funds.

senior professionals understand the huge impact they will have with market leaders. At the same time, adding to a growing size of the company’s income is higher than the income of the start-up companies, the risk is also small. By attracting talent, expanding companies will continue to improve their ability to create, will be more excellent products to the market, but also improve the company’s ability to expand.

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can make it easier for venture capitalists to decide whether to invest. Net >

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