For a long time to join the project introduced Liuxiang casserole boil

joined the selection of long boiling casserole casserole how small fragrant, personally feel that this is a good brand, is worth to recommend this. Boil long Liuxiang casserole, with 18 hours early, middle and late supper, four meals to fill the common mode of operation, fast food for breakfast and supper in the gaps in the market, make full use of existing resources to create the maximum profit. The fast food industry is well worth the investment projects, after years of operation, has accumulated rich experience, provide training management for operators to provide training for staff work flow, ensure the shop is proficient. A long boiling casserole shop are delicious and fragrant, makes classic

business opportunities!

boiling long Liuxiang to join the project:


Kitchen: no standard kitchen, save site costs. Chef: without chef cooking, general training for personnel expenses, save. Recipe: unique mysterious formula, developed and developed by modern nutrition, efficiency: simple, fast, from the point of the meal to the meal only 60 seconds, turn Taiwan fast, profit doubled. Environmental protection: no fire, no smoke, no nuisance, site wide. Operation: cooperative management, unified image, unified advertising, strong follow-up support. Investment: the threshold is low, the store can be large and small, the investment can be more and less, capital return.

Chinese fast food

boiling casserole to create a healthy and delicious Liuxiang long parity for the business philosophy, has won the public recognition of consumers, many stores business is hot, many repeat customers, thus forming a good reputation, many Chinese fast food brand in talent shows itself! How long to boil fragrant


boiling join conditions:

long fragrant casserole

has full compliance with the headquarters management mentality;

has more than 80 thousand investment capacity of 25-150 square meters of shops;

no bad habits and criminal records;

enjoy the upstart fantasy.

boiling casserole procedure:


to join the program, understand that physical stores to join the signing of the contract, fast food inspection, franchise store location – decoration programming – restaurant staff recruitment, training, physical store business planning and advertising design, shop operators Guide – store transfer

boiling casserole join advantage:


support: construction site planning, business analysis, design scheme, equipment scheme, shop training scheme "

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