Want to reduce the failure rate of business needs to do the following

for the majority of entrepreneurs who want to start, success and failure is the coexistence of how to reduce failure, improve the chances of success? According to statistics, the probability of failure of young entrepreneurs up to 90%, personal opinion, there are two reasons:

Second, over reliance on online, many young people focus on the line, this is no problem, but compared to the offline to achieve low cost, quick effect, but this is like building, there is no foundation for good enough, then high again beautiful floor will collapse.

Second, some readers come with me, to see a very good project, is currently in his city is not the case, I hope to do zhandexianji. For such an idea, I can only say, be careful, the world is not the only person you are smart, you should first consider why others do not, this must be one of the reasons.

Third, the market size of the industry is too small. You imagine, two children grab a popsicle, that is large than the mouth, if the two child car to grab a popsicle? That is more lasting than who. So, it is best to choose a large enough market industry, even if you only accounted for 0.01%, will not be starved to death.

Third, when you really start a business, be sure to learn management experience, not hands-on, so you will be exhausted. Can not be arrogant, that he is the boss, the boss before the time to do the boss scolded every day, and now also to scold others, this will only make you faster into the abyss.

Fourth, insist, insist, insist, something important to say three times. Must insist that the majority of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship experienced three years of baptism, gradually know that entrepreneurship is going on, but also know how to do next, but a lot of entrepreneurs, often fail to adhere to the There is a way out. The premature abandonment will only lead to failure.


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