The cross stitch shop inventory management cheats promotion.

cross stitch is a favorite of many women, therefore, in 2014, the opening of the cross stitch shop should be a good choice for venture capital. Here, the small series on the cross stitch shop related issues with you about it!

1. the purchase cycle: cross stitch is a small items updated quickly, so the purchase cycle relatively short. Can be considered a day or the next day to buy, at least to ensure that once a week.

2. purchase: according to the financial strength, sales and.

3. purchase channels: large wholesalers, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places of the wholesale market accessories are abundant species; there is also a part of the purchase directly from manufacturers there, there is a part of active door-to-door sales personnel.

4. purchase, how to fully meet customer needs? First of all, to let the market experience of procurement staff to purchase, they cross stitch market as a whole as well as consumer preferences grasp more accurate. Secondly, we often go to the cross stitch wholesale market, understand market trends. Third, the business, the sales staff to communicate with consumers frequently, and to understand the customer needs timely feedback. Finally, you should also read newspapers, magazines, TV programs and so on.

1 Cheats: cross stitch shop, jewelry display jewelry display should pay attention to. To attract the attention of consumers in the first time, to pay attention to the following points: jewelry display is not too crowded, should make full use of space, chic clever collocation; the latest accessories best placed in the obvious position, and is equipped with instructions.

2, sales strategy: membership card, spending a certain amount, can get a membership card, after shopping can enjoy preferential discount;. Declined to bargain, jewelry prices generally low, consumers are not sensitive to price, no need to bargain; special offer, can set up a "student special offer" or "ten yuan special offer, five yuan special offer", is mainly the promotion of some of the backlog of accessories; characteristic area, can set up a "South Korea jewelry", "Tibetan jewelry" blue cloth accessories area and so on, to highlight the characteristics of business; theme sales, further the behavior of consumers to buy jewelry, according to different subjects, launched the "Valentine jewelry" and "birthday jewelry" and "charming headdress", "a decorated promise" combination, each portfolio includes a cross stitch holiday; sales, use the "Valentine’s Day", "women’s Day", "April Fool", "mother’s Day", "Halloween" Festival holiday sales.

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