Provincial public service demonstration platform for SMEs to carry out the declaration

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Small and micro businesses also have more favorable conditions and policy for the development of Small and micro businesses also attaches great importance to the development of Small and micro businesses to solve the employment problem of people, to create greater value, promote economic development.

2016 in small and medium-sized enterprises in Fujian Province demonstration of a public service platform and Small and micro businesses began to declare the entrepreneurial base, who meet the conditions of the city, county (city, district) services according to the requirements of the declaration to the competent authorities of SMEs and the financial sector, and to submit a paper application materials. Network reporting time as of April 29, 2016 18, the material submitted by the paper and the submission of materials on the Internet should be consistent, the network fails to declare the unit as a waiver.

to declare the provincial public service demonstration platform for SMEs to meet the 5 basic conditions, including the independent legal personality of the institutions in Fujian Province, the registration time of 1 years (inclusive) above, legitimate business, a good reputation; the total assets of services (refers to special facilities and equipment) of not less than 500 thousand yuan, of which community method human services total assets of not less than 100 thousand yuan, have a fixed business place of service and the necessary facilities and equipment, long-term cooperation service organization 3 (inclusive) above.

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The basic condition of

declare the provincial Small and micro businesses to simultaneously satisfy the entrepreneurial base, including the operation of the unit should have independent legal personality, and the operation of 1 years (inclusive) above, operating norms, with good prospects for development and sustainable development capacity; a base construction planning norms and long-term development plan, there should be a reasonable area the functional layout, and improve the supporting facilities planning base construction, development planning should have a clear development goals.

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