5 U disk triggered entrepreneurial story

many college students entrepreneurial story is continuing, this one started by 5 U disk business stories that will give business field of endeavor student entrepreneurs who bring some positive energy, encourage them to continue to move forward.

He Jing entrepreneurial team

clip briefcase, walk the wind wind fire He Jing, starting from the sale of 5 U disk, the company step by step into "the first brand" campus of Yunnan Province, and the China Youth Foundation, "the color of Yunnan youth entrepreneurship and promote growth, total 100 thousand yuan to support entrepreneurship. More and more support to the entrepreneurial rich has a new goal: 5 years to solve the employment of 100 people, driven by the entrepreneurial students of 10 thousand.

I want to do

starting from 5 U disk

2008 in March, Southwest Forestry University, the first college entrepreneurship competition, let he Jing really began the entrepreneurial path. The students will exercise platform, Jing he combined several brothers usually work together to write the business plan, the content is how to use the platform of University entrepreneurship. "After we finished, we were so excited that we couldn’t sleep." The second day, with a plan, he began looking for businesses to borrow jing". He Jing admitted, there is no marketing strategy, there is no way to operate, it now appears that the plan was very childish". But after planning out, or get the support of the school teacher.

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