How to identify some of the online business scam

to do a good job in the preparatory work, the opportunity will only be left to those who are ready to do poineering work, so to distinguish the situation of entrepreneurship, to learn more about the situation in order to ensure the success of entrepreneurship. Beware of scammers in online entrepreneurship.

1. try to Baidu in the name of the project plus a liar two words search it, if you do not find a complaint, the project can basically believe it or it is just a scratch project. If the complaint is liar, which is a basic judgment.

2 if you want to join the brand in the company where no more than two stores, it is a liar! No matter how it explain that you don’t believe! Even if there is still to be observed, it is possible to be a leader to build their own.

4 must see you ready to join the brand production workshop (or factory), and their warehouse and warehouse site! Whether they say how far must go and see! You can keep count: to be cheated out of a few million good, or spend hundreds of money to look good


5 do not listen to the leader, to find a business for a year to join the business, admitted that he was trying to get the project, all the family savings and, really do not worry, can be done to someone with experience, give a suggestion what can do.

in the online business to continue to collect all kinds of situation, guard against various network fraud, to ensure success.

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