nvestment in the food and beverage industry to master the five tips

we can not do without food, therefore, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the food and beverage industry, we choose the characteristics of the snack business, which is actually a good choice. However, with the fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, we choose to operate in the restaurant, or urgent need to focus on skills. Next, we would like to introduce you, the food industry’s five entrepreneurial skills!

1, catering shop location, choose not to choose the right

restaurants are open to the bustling business center. Is it the better the location of the business, the better it seems, we can see a lot of restaurants opened in the center of CBD, a meal to the point of the door is full of parked cars. Another point is that the election in the prime locations to shop, and people talk about the times have face, is not it, but also have to look at the shop location and funds.

if you open the store only to do the general public meal, there is no need to open to the city center, because the high rent is enough for you to eat a pot. Also have to look at your capital chain, according to their own capital strength of the site. No matter what the choice of shopping district, the site must be finalized before figuring out an account:

to remove the rent, manpower, procurement and other pre estimated costs, the restaurant in order to profit, breakeven point is probably how much to achieve profitability is the pressure.

to know, compared to the traditional popular shopping district, some of the new, the development of space is also a good choice, where the cost is lower.

2, lock consumer groups, good account

selected area, but also a comprehensive consideration of the location of the shop in the business district, the surrounding traffic conditions. Every day at noon and in the evening time node, through the surrounding supermarkets, restaurants the amount of "Dundian" statistics, is the traffic data and analysis of consumer groups features the "stupid" is the most effective way.

It is understood that

, a well-known restaurant chain before each open a shop will set their target groups, to investigate the local passenger traffic, but also to the same type of catering enterprises as the research target opponent, and ultimately the formation of a detailed analysis report. So they opened each store location can achieve expectations.

3, use the shop every very careful in reckoning,

choose the right address is not equal to the shop. The shop is handpicked out, in addition to address, you have full catering boss calculation shop area utilization, display surface, height, added value, understand the basic facilities of car parking, water electricity, cable TV, network is perfect. There was a recommendation

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