How to better create a small team for their strong support for you

has the idea of starting a business is a good thing, but how to put ideas into action? Have you ever thought about it? If you’re going to start a big company, you know you can’t do it alone.

RachelBlankstein has founded two technology companies, including Comparz, a web site that users are working on. And a was bought by a large company. Here, Blankstein shares how he found a dynamic team, and he is in this way some of my experience.

1.  each team has at least two important roles. A technology partner (or science of science, or non science professional product experts), one knows how to profit. Learn how to generate revenue in the industry, in-depth understanding of your locked users. Lack of these two decisive factors, your entrepreneurial opportunities greatly reduced.

2.  in the team who have entrepreneurial experience is essential. He understands the complex entrepreneurial experience and business development of the entrepreneurial process, the timely establishment of such a relevant preparation; to understand the complexity of the business in question at what time. These partners can take a lot of detours in the path of entrepreneurship.

3.  maximizing the integration of entrepreneurial talent will increase the odds of success. An entrepreneurial team should have technical leaders, sales managers, product planners, and marketing staff. Startups with four important roles are more effective than those with only one or two roles.

4.  recruitment, not to be confused by the educational background of the staff, start-up companies need to have some experience in the field of veteran workers and some innovative works of employees. If a person to interview your chief technologist, and said he didn’t want to knock code, then he certainly is not suitable for the start-ups; from a large product director, if only the good management of each department, it is not appropriate. Because you are looking for someone who is especially suitable for the company and will benefit immediately.

5.  how to better manage the expectations of employees, this process you have to encounter many difficulties. On how to solve and think about your commitment to financing at a certain time, high wages and options. If you do it hastily, there may be a risk of disruption to your team.

6.  the overall quality of employees also determines the success and failure of the company. >

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