Fan Siu Wong low-key married 34 year old bride ready to have a baby

according to Hong Kong media reports, well-known actor Fan Siu Wong on New Year’s Day low-key wedding, the bride is a 34 year old Jia Xiaochen. Allegedly two experienced ups and downs have repeatedly broke up after the compound, eventually into the marriage hall.

JJ and Fan Siu Wong love period, who is often blamed is forcing Cherie Chan mistress, and water shortages of food, JJ exposes grievances to the depression, she said: "we have said many times to break up, but the feeling itself is no problem, I have too many things, I have tried to kill himself…… A lot of times, tried to take medicine, the most serious one is in the circle of friends wrote goodbye everyone, help me take care of my mom and Dad, scared a group of friends rushed to save me, when I wanted to jump."

JJ has decided to marry Fan Siu Wong, but Fan Siu Wong will give Cherie Chan alimony, there is a certain economic pressure, so the JJ never thought can do a little lady, but let Fan Siu Wong home for the down payment.

JJ explained: "I know him, he is not a car, no house, no man what he used to be, will all make money to others, I would say he is old to have a place to live, don’t sleep the flyover? He began to want to save money to buy a house this thing. Fancy a unit before, but he can not give the first phase, I put my first house, because the appreciation of the sale, to give him as the first phase. But I’m not free, I want his money back to me, I don’t have he can not suffer for him, when he to creditors, haha."

34 at JJ in Hongkong and Ji’nan have asked the home property, would you mind man humble? JJ said: "I don like him, but he (potential) space than me, he in the mainland visibility higher than me, if he will know how to take care of their own property right, should be getting better and better." Asked whether it will put wine? JJ said: "there is no thought, because I am afraid of tired and just want to socialize, low-key wedding."

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