Bird on the site to make money with Adsense advertising alliance

each game has a rules of the game, each circle has a hidden rules. Of course, the webmaster circle is no exception. Talk about the webmaster circle, everybody most than for having heard it many times website construction, website operation, website profit. The website construction and website operation is for the website profit and service. Turning to the site profitability, you need to talk about the site’s profit model. There are a variety of channels for profit model, including online sales, sponsorship advertising, online advertising alliance, etc.. Birds here in three points about web sites and online advertising alliance problem.

a, what kind of Web site suitable for what kind of advertising alliance?

is well known, in the circle of advertising alliance, Google Adsense and Baidu union is undoubtedly the boss of the industry. Of course there are many other Union birds here due to the length of the relationship is not listed. Google Adsense and Baidu alliance can easily apply to. Before Baidu union threshold is high, since Google exit mainland China, the threshold of the Baidu alliance is also increasingly low. Site from the time points, can be divided into new sites and old station; from the content points, there are information stations, product stations, service stations, entertainment stations, forums, etc., from the formal point of view, there are commercial and non-commercial stations. Because of all the features of web content to talk about the bird as a fundamental, website content and the choice of advertising alliance. If you are a fun station, you go to choose the Baidu alliance; if you are a business information station, you go to choose Google Adsense; if you are a forum, you can choose the two. There is a rule, the flow of large entertainment sites, Baidu alliance is the first choice, business information website, Google Adsense is preferred. Why? Because the price of Baidu alliance will not stand content and change significantly, Baidu text ads are generally priced at 1 yuan or more, the image ads general price in the 0.4~0.8 yuan, as long as there is a click, Baidu’s revenue is still pretty impressive. Google Adsense is different, because of its large floating price, and according to the content of the site display advertising, therefore, Google Adsense higher earnings threshold. But if your site content is more formal and has a certain commercial nature, advertising unit price is very OK.

two, do a good job before the site to find the advertising alliance

this title looks like some thunder, actually not. The site is a state, do website is some state. Site does not mean that the site is done. The so-called web site to do a good job is to do what you do, you need to do the flow of it; do the forum, you need to have the popularity of it?. Finish the webmaster in website, do not be anxious, do not fly a full stop advertising began that would scare the user’s. Things can not be rushed into the site, planning to write a good code. Done, we will do a good job, and strive for some, some. At least God helps those who help themselves. "

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