Dalian after 80 entrepreneurs get 500 thousand investment

with China market continues to open up development, many students choose entrepreneurship after returnees, there are also many highly educated technical personnel to join the tide of entrepreneurship, Dalian group of 80, tour business, mining is not the same opportunities by means of science and technology innovation.

CASE intelligent wireless camera controller is a SLR camera extended WiFi intelligent hardware products control function, can be connected with SLR cameras, smart mobile devices, the mobile phone can shoot viewfinder real-time preview, parameter setting, photo back, memory card, photo read picture network sharing function, it not only makes the original isolated the camera is connected to the Internet, greatly satisfy the extreme photography, quickly share the experience requirements, but also provide a variety of powerful advanced photography function, from the "white photography" to meet the needs of professional photographers.

for the public service and for the record, the times and the new. "New modest technology" is a "learning" attitude is committed to sharing intelligence technology after 80 entrepreneurs. Sun Lingjun said: "it is our goal to be able to do what we love and help people improve their lives.   "

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