How to choose entrepreneurship project in middle age

people to the middle age, there are old under the small, but also face a job promotion, knowledge update pressure. Therefore, the re start, job must be stable, it is impossible to start again as young people. So how to choose the middle age entrepreneurial projects?

A, the choice of investment to seize the four basic points of

1. to have the relevant professional skills or skills as a support

2. to combine the work of the past, the so-called resource is your work communication channels and contacts. Whether you work in state-owned enterprises, or organs and institutions, because of working relationships, there will be a certain number of personnel exchanges and business contacts, this is your resources. If you have the sales staff of state-owned enterprises, you can engage in the same or similar products or business agent; if you are the administrator, so you must have good occupation quality, organization and management ability, you can engage in technical is not too strong, medium service, business agents and other various aspects if you have technical work; but the lack of funds, you can work with others in technology shares, but shares some clear equity ratio and mode of operation.

3. project to have a stable growth space middle-aged people are different from young people, do not follow the fashion to follow suit, it is best to choose a stable development of the space industry. Such as food and beverage, education and training, children’s education and so on, as well as focus on special groups, such as the elderly, disabled people’s daily necessities and health services. 4 in line with their preferences or preferences of middle-aged people over the age of forty personality and life habits of the basic stereotypes, entrepreneurship as much as possible in the field of preferences to choose the project, which is conducive to early success. If you have a preference for cars, then may wish to open a car beauty line; you have a study on the diet, you can open a special snack bar.

two, do not look for business opportunities in three

1. investment threshold, technical threshold can not be too high

2. physical strength can not be overweight middle-aged people can have begun to decline, you can not choose a higher intensity of physical activity items.

The popularity of

3. can not be too strong middle-aged people are less sensitive than young people, while the entrepreneurial life is short, may face a re selection, to choose a large market space and

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