Work carefully to return more wealth

the same thing, different people will have different effects, and often careful people will get greater returns. In 2010, I opened a small shop in the suburbs. The villagers here are almost all Hakka people, has maintained the habit of ancestors handed down. Especially at dusk, as people come into my shop, 232 liquor, called a melon seeds or peanuts, relish wine tasting, chat, eat fruit, every day I can sell eight or nine bottles of local liquor.

wine bottle cover is made of aluminum, I did not readily throw, but put them into a woven bag, safekeeping. A year later, I had 3 bags in my closet. When I want to put these aluminum cover with the price of 5 yuan per kilogram sold to scrap the acquisition station, home to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the winery building, thanks for the new and old customers, as long as this brand in the production of 10 Qi bennian bottle, can exchange with a bottle of liquor within the prescribed period of time.

I’m overjoyed, carefully counted, a total of more than 2 thousand and 150 to meet the requirements of the lid, convertible 215 bottles of liquor bottle, the wholesale price is 6 yuan, the total income of more than 1200 yuan. I have a friend who is envious of my good fortune, but I am glad that God will only be prepared for those who are prepared. It is my usual business to develop a place to pay attention to everything, pay attention to the habit, in order to become lucky ah!

tasted the sweetness, I am keen to collect the bottle cap, in addition to the white wine bottle cover, there are other wine. If the winery new product promotion and other activities, they may come in handy, even if ultimately unable to exchange wine, also can sell as scrap.

coincidentally, I also love the cigarette box, specially prepared a big box, used to store the customer conveniently lost the cigarette case. My love is a cigarette, can communicate with each other through the network across the country and collectors; two are some tobacco enterprises will organize promotional activities regularly, these humble cigarette might have.

2015 October, Jiangxi tobacco launched a grand "Jinsheng" good product "experience survey" activities, customers to buy a pack of "hard gold saint", if the cover printed with auspicious code, plus 10 small empty box, you can limit the exchange value of a $20 gift. And so on, the highest award of the present value of 2000 yuan, is a "333333" auspicious code plus 50 empty box small box. Some customers buy cigarettes in the auspicious code, but sometimes not scrape up the small empty box number, I put hard "Jinsheng cigarette usually collect them, both to help customers smoothly and improve customer verification, I bring business to the friendship store, is really too.

that morning, a young migrant workers passing a small shop, came in to buy a bag of hard gold saint, take a look at, hi five auspicious code. But after three days he went out to work, all of a sudden can not get together 30>

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