Highlight long teach you a few tips to find a recipe for money

the Internet is a huge industry, people in this industry, as if into the vast sea, sometimes there is gold, and sometimes feel very confused and have a brilliant future; do not know what to do. This situation is not a few, in our land as an example, a brother, he is a rabbit, the rabbit is a novice webmaster, started soon, always learn from others experience not to mind taking the trouble everywhere, from ideas, this good school spirit is good, but there is a problem, although he studied many people experience, but the lack of their own ideas, so eventually miss the point. I would like to have the same situation with the rabbit is not a small number of owners, here today to say some simple ways to develop their own ideas, hoping to help you.

at present, the construction site of the pure technology basically no problem, use CMS for the novice webmaster also not too big problem, what is the main problem? Many people have the ability to build though, but do not know what kind of website construction is good, or what kind of website or network the project can really suitable and profitable. Including many of the old owners are often confused in a complete mess, can not find the direction. If we don’t have the ability to innovate and discover the blue ocean, what should we do? In fact, many of the innovations in the world are only done on the basis of others. So we don’t need stuffy head behind closed doors, but should get out of the house, to the vast Internet looking for ideas. Now, where to go to find a good way to learn.

1, see webmaster website soft.

if I told you to look at all times webmaster soft text published on the website, you will say, Lao Gao cheating, who has time to read all of the text. Of course, this is no doubt, no one has the ability to see all the soft (but you still have to read the old article, ha ha). In fact, I did not let you really read an article all the contents of soft Wen, and just look at a place, that is the link to this article.

some people see this halo, estimated to be abused every day said, to see so many links with no nutritional broken soft, tired of all sick, who need to see him website. Indeed, a considerable number of webmaster hair is simply to mix the soft point outside the chain, no matter the quality of their articles. But you little man, what is the webmaster of the feeble to make the chain?. What is the purpose of earning the chain?. What is the purpose of getting rankings?. Why make money, because the site has profitability. What kind of website with a profitable? By, ask this, hurry to open his link to look at the pictures.

, of course, is the value of learning is not every site, but it is undeniable that if you take some time to browse these sites in the soft look, you can wash out a big shiny gold in a pile of sand.

2, webmaster class and SEO class BBS signature


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