Xiamen mobile nternet plus cross-strait industrial elite Qi sound

"mobile Internet plus" era, has changed many aspects to our life, shopping is not only a consumer, more important is the development of enterprises. What are the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs? How to catch up with the real estate mobile Internet high-speed train? How to find their own enterprise DNA? Yesterday morning, the "mobile Internet plus" cross-strait Innovation Summit in Siming Longshan Cultural Creative Park held, from both sides of the Strait nearly a thousand elite entrepreneurs, investors, experts and scholars and innovative talents gathered together on the road of Siming District, "mobile Internet plus".

focus on the "mobile Internet plus"

cross-strait elite Qi sound

throws a sharp point of view, share a secret of success. In yesterday morning’s keynote speech, both sides of the entrepreneurial venture elite have appeared, focusing on the "mobile Internet plus" development, innovation and entrepreneurship for new era of sound wave.

the summit by Siming District Organization Department, Siming District Personnel Office jointly organized by · new era; new future "as the theme, the annual event called" mobile Internet plus "on both sides of the field.

looks at the Xiamen show "mobile Internet plus" industry talent and excellent product style, the summit also invited dozens of high-quality enterprises jointly unveiled. Internet plus mobile new media, mobile Internet plus mobile Internet plus tourism, people’s livelihood, Internet plus mobile information security…… Many results show the "dream into reality" the beautiful picture, also let the audience to sigh "mobile Internet plus" unlimited prospects.

service talent

"hand" Peking University entrepreneurial training camp

in yesterday’s summit, Siming District Organization Department is also a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Peking University entrepreneurship training camp is signed, the two sides will carry out entrepreneurial talent training, project capital docking, high-end talent exchange for all-round and in-depth cooperation in multi dimensions, give full play to the Peking University technology, capital, personnel and other aspects of resources, improve Siming talent service system.

Siming District standing committee, organization department minister Lu Xiuping said the summit held, it is hoped that through the construction industry summit dialogue platform and project platform, expand cross-strait cooperation and exchange of personnel, enhance market awareness, stimulate innovation and creativity, take the opportunity to further create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote intellectual capital transformation, driven with "mobile Internet plus" led by the emerging leading industry development.


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