Join the cost of opening a steamed stuffed bun, including what aspects

We choose

as one of the most important buns for breakfast, is very popular, but also many want to do small business entrepreneurs choose, then join a Baozipu cost including what? Now you can own independent shop, can also choose to join the industry to the brand, but also open Baozipu today, take a look at to open a Baozipu the cost spent on what


join fee:

we all know that the risk of joining the shop is smaller, so, in the opening of a steamed stuffed bun shop, choose a brand is also very important to join. For example, to * * *, open a shop business, need to pay 12800 yuan fee to join the headquarters of investment (investment costs with the technology transfer fee, training fee, operation guide fee during the training and instruction fees, advertising fees) and 2000 yuan brand use fee and management fee.

store rent:

many entrepreneurs do not have their own facade, so open a steamed stuffed bun shop also need to rent a facade. This is not the same as the facade of rent, each lot of the facade rents are different, the size of the facade also determines the number of store rent. In a county, about ten square meters facade rent for $3000.

equipment funds:

open a Baozipu, also need some equipment, gas oven, 800 yuan, five yuan, 260 layers of honeycomb bottom steamer and machine 800~1200 yuan, 280 yuan, stainless steel desk stand sopraporta 100~300 yuan, 300 yuan. These devices, investors should be based on the profitability of their stores to buy.

employee salary:

if the employees are their own people, then this part of the salary can be avoided, if it is to hire another employee, the employee salary is also need to take into account the cost of opening the steamed stuffed bun shop. This employee’s salary is generally between 1500-2500, the investment needs to consider according to the local wage level.

want to do some small business buddies should pay attention to, we should do a good job in all aspects of the preparation in the shop before, especially in the capital, so do not have to open Baozipu, cost also includes other funds, such as water and electricity charges, business tax, raw material costs and so on, because it involves too much content small, here is not introduced one by one.

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