Store operators also need to pay attention to Yan

in such a look at the appearance of the times, high color value will have an advantage in many ways. However, when it comes to Yan value, which can not only say that people, the shop also has a color value of the judge. The cigarette business relates to "Yan value" has a lot of marketing: goods store image, store waizhao inner shop clerk culture, image quality, store the vivid display, are increasingly favored by consumers. Store shop recruit Yan value is the first step to attract consumer spending.

on the same street dozens of cigarette retail stores, in order to attract customers, careful observation, each has a unique style of decoration. With the improvement of people’s consumption demand, the physical layer of the spiritual needs of the change, the store is also a shop selling culture card. A shop gives people the first impression, the first is outside the shop. Unique, personalized shop trick so that people at the moment, the desire to go into the store consumption.

is located in Yunxiao County Yunzhang road "Hanson" supermarket, "Hanson" two words as the shop, the outstanding person and not stand without the letter, do any business to the integrity in the first place, the integrity of business only, is based on the book store. Integrity refers to people in good faith and trust, but also our foundation. The shop owner of the concept of people-oriented integrity shop, starting from me, more and more customers in the store, the business is also getting more and more prosperous, more and more harvest!

and general Yunxiao County Avenue "family" supermarket. Let a person look at this shop recruit, immediately thought of cheap and fine, beautiful environment and all associated with beautiful words. Indeed, one into the store, people feel that this is a shopping paradise, to the place. The first one after another beautiful music, make people feel relaxed at once. There is a smile and supermarket shopping guide, they wear uniform dispensing overalls, black skirt, the upper body is a simple and elegant white shirt.

clean and neat clothes, give people a simple, simple and clear impression. The key moment to the customer warm tips for consumers to buy a better role in promoting. On the contrary, some remote local shops, there is no formal name, only one shop, store the goods out of order. If you want to buy a commodity over the season, you may find a good long time to find the general position of the goods, so that consumers wait for a long time.

only heard the owner complain now business is as one day, more and more difficult to do, do not know what to look for their own reasons, only complain. Of course, their business income can be imagined, will only be able to stay on the edge of the food and clothing, can not be an ideal place for customers to purchase, but also detrimental to the long-term development of the store.

now due to fierce competition in the industry, resulting in people’s choice of space is growing, therefore, we need to do a good job shop management any detail. According to the above content

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