Talking about how to make use of the name of traffic

we look at how to do a forum of traffic, the key is that you do not, not just look at the look feasible or infeasible. This method is practical, every day hundreds of thousands of IP is very easy.

1 looking for a surname, the surname is not surnames.

2 make up a name, the name is the last name, the name, this name is certainly not on the search engine results.

3 with the name of a sina blog.

4 wait for 1, 2 days, so that these blogs are included in the search engine.

5 test, literally search a name to ensure that they are indeed ranked first in the search engine.

6 to see Sogou search index, looking for those who ranked top keywords.

7 search related articles, and then cleverly put you want to use the name added, for example, with a long Lili, " " an article I published to the " Zhao Benshan ", a true record of the accident; I was searching for an article, I downloaded, then I add a " recently, Zhao Benshan’s ex-wife Lili long, come out to clarify this matter. " and then I went to the Sohu forum.

8 hair every day on the 10, the light to find hot. Every article, every day can bring 100 IP, and is very stable every day, the 1000 article, one day can bring stability of 100 thousand IP, high traffic.


a, why do you want to prepare 30 blogs?

this is mainly to prevent the keywords being raped, if you put all the keywords are used in one hand, cause the attention of search engines, and if there is a SEO master found, so they just do the keywords ranking, then your traffic equals for him. Therefore, the purpose of our 30 blog is to use one day, this flow is scattered, and every day different names, administrators do not delete.

two, which aspects of traffic from the


1 Sohu forum itself traffic is very large, the average online more than 50 thousand, millions of IP per day. The average search ratio is 10%, an article is read thousands of times a day, which is the first source of traffic, that is, through the Sohu forum. So will not be administrator K it? Because it is the name of the person, there is no advertising, so the administrator will not K out of your posts.

2 day these articles have been reproduced, reproduced by the process, generate new customers, these people to search the names, and we have to flow.

3 because these articles are hot key

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