What are the advantages of fast food barbecue rice

Korea is much beyond count what delicacy Korean fried chicken, pickled cabbage, South Korea, South Korea Bibimbap, introduced to China after these are also very welcome by consumers China. Barbecue is a delicacy in Korean bibimbap, very popular in South Korea, is also a very profitable project, many investors are optimistic about this project, but do not know what a good brand, today Xiaobian to recommend a brand that is Meishiji. Why do you recommend this brand?

What are the advantages of fast

barbecue rice?

a powerful

Anhui is the Beijing brand management Limited by Share Ltd was established in 2003, after years of development, has grown from a single catering to cultural communication and network technology, hotel management and other diversified, integrated enterprise group. After the three leap in the growth stage, the group is headquartered in Anhui, the capital of Hefei, based on the central radiation throughout the country, under the jurisdiction of LuxeHome palace, Meishiji, legendary chef, Noodles with Soy Bean Paste girl, Jin Hanting, taro, mother, three bears, vigorously seaman mango doctrine, Jane check dam and many other well-known restaurant brands. On the other, is the Beijing restaurant in Shanghai in April 16, 2015 successfully listed equity trading center, became the first Korean restaurant China listed the strength of enterprises, opened a new chapter in the development of the group. The group currently employs a total of about more than and 400 people, the whole office area covers an area of 10000 square meters, brand direct and cooperative stores more than 2500.

two, join advantages:

1, team


team is a group of organizations that share common goals, collaborate and manage closely. The team is a combination of all kinds of people, each member of the team for a common long-term goals and create a common advantage, play a kind of 1+1> 2 magic power. The team needs to make it strong and orderly through strict management.

2, integrity

integrity is the most basic point of the team to play an effective function. Is the integrity of personality, honest, cheerful mind, have the heart of tolerance, justice and integrity. Good faith is to keep our promise, its word to deed, the team asked the members to set goals, and have a heartfelt commitment and confidence. Honesty is reliable and trustworthy, honest and honest.

3, innovation

innovation means breakthrough, break the status quo never satisfied.

innovation is a comprehensive improvement and reform of the team, including ideas, equipment, materials, products and other aspects of improvement and reform.


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