Shop management skills inventory or cold Lucai

or cold food stores should know how to operate? We can observe some of the shops on the market, you will find that the operating characteristics of the industry is also relatively bright. If you want to master more skills can be seen with the small series, and I hope to help you invest.

1, food or cold food stores, specialty food generally open in the farmers market, even in the streets in the residential area, which is not only convenient for community residents’ daily life, but also to have more stable customer groups.

2, shop or cold Lucai shop generally is not too large, this is of course to reduce the early capital investment. If the store is slightly larger, you can store the latter part of the workshop, the smaller the store, the product can be processed at home and then sent to the store. For those without the condition of rent store, you can rent a booth at the farmer’s market, or put a stall in the street of the residential area, it must also provide a dust fly food retail cabinet.

3, special and cold dishes are two similar products, a class of business operators but choose only one, that is to say you can only open food stores, or only cold food stores. If the bittern and salad mix management, will not only make their own processing of the products is complicated, but may also lead to two types of products are doing well.

4, whether it is open Lo stores or salad shop should have their main varieties and characteristics of products, and often with one or two kinds of main varieties and characteristics of products, some products, to form their own flavor, shop signs are suitable for their own products or product features to name.

5, Lo stores products are the first in the workshop or a halogen after, in whole or in the form of block placed on the tray in retail store cabinet, for customers to select the products you need, and then cut into pieces and weighing on the spot, sliced, and then packaged, with brine, chili pepper, packet bag or five spice packet. Do not cut or cut the product in advance, otherwise the customer will doubt the quality and freshness of the product.

6, a greengrocer’s products you need to first complete the initial processing of all in the workshop or home, which is the raw material (such as lettuce, radish, cucumber, ear root etc.) need to wash and cut (or not cut), cooked mix of raw materials needed for cooking, the need to cut or good tear (such as lung, ear pieces, bamboo shoots, beans, eggplant, cowpea bars etc.), some will have to wait for the customer to recommend the selected after

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