Shenyang high-end furniture market is optimistic

The recent development of the grand

of the real estate industry, it is to drive and promote the rise Home Furnishing industry and building materials market, and in Shenyang Home Furnishing market, high-end brand Home Furnishing gradually by the attention and favor of mass consumption, and therefore a thriving, hot market, bring more broad space for wealth.

pure high-end brand market bullish Shenyang

reporter learned that, actually home, Redstar opened "family honour", "the Mall" and Home Furnishing brand flagship high-end shopping malls, the introduction of international famous brands Home Furnishing market. This will not only enhance the brand value of the high-end market, the latest international best brand, Home Furnishing introduced to Liaoshen earth, upgrade local home consumption concept.

a store official said, high-end furniture consumption needs guidance, the mall hopes to plan some activities, so that more consumers rational, correct understanding and consumption of high-end furniture. "We have a strong brand influence, the service is more remarkable, consumers here to buy high-end furniture, must be assured." Insiders pointed out that Shenyang is the center city of northeast, the purchasing power of the most powerful and high-end crowd, the establishment of high-end Home Furnishing stores will play a cluster effect, and the radiation range is more extensive, has certain advantages in advance to seize the high-end market. A store planning manager, said: now more young buyers for the environment, the higher the degree of fashion, in this regard is precisely the new high-end stores are good at."

, a French furniture dealer also said: "Shenyang is a very strong spending power of the city, the city of Dalian, Anshan, and other high-end customers love to come here for shopping, Shenyang has become the high-end consumer Home Furnishing commanding. We are confident that after one or two years of time, build in Liaoning International Home Furnishing museum to build to become the first brand of Shenyang and northeast Europe Home Furnishing."

services will be more accurate, customized and user-friendly

in recent years, European and American furniture consumer demand in the Home Furnishing market continues to heat up, but due to the influence of store pattern and area and other factors, Shenyang is not a real sense of the type of single high-end stores in Europe and the United States Home Furnishing. But actually home, Redstar and other giants of the water, in order to establish the Shenyang international high-end Home Furnishing sales platform as an opportunity, opened the prelude to upgrade the Home Furnishing stores.

In addition, the high-end store grade to a certain extent,

reflects the upgrading of the service level. The reporters found that the "supreme" in the name of the large stores to the international standard self requirements, implement standardized management strictly, to ensure high standards of service for more high-end consumers with a more professional and thoughtful service. The industry believes that these high-end home stores have launched quality assurance, delivery and installation, the whole shopping guide, parking services, the first payment, green, unreasonable >

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