Doorbell can also help prevent thieves

today’s society is very confusing, petty theft of things have occurred, walking in the street, even so, shop business is often encountered. "Every year to apologize, every night against thieves." This is an old saying, with the rich people’s material life, that has become the past year anti Fangzei, but can not be almost every night.

walked into the town building, five storey, six or seven storey building, the balcony window and the Internet network closed, this is not not to spend more money, it is rampant thieves ah, even so, or theft cases occurred frequently, common people can interact in all places.

shop for a long time, the loss of the goods are too many to count, took the opportunity to go to the bad customer pilfering, deliberately to do the case through to seek are often met, especially in summer keep shop, scorching, dizzy fatigue, loss of goods "season".

so how can we prevent it?

camera monitoring only after a day passed by a peer shop, exposing the soft curtain into the store, just contact the change came: "Welcome speech"……

friends out of the suite: "Yuan brother, this is what the wind blowing you, come sit ah."

"your doorbell is good, I just open curtain sound Welcome, this is very good!"

I was back as he carefully observed, this device is actually very simple, is on the threshold with a device similar to Men Ling, the lead adhesion on the curtains, as long as the move will sound the curtain door ling.

colleagues told me before the store in person, because he is in the suite, unconsciously often easily display in front of the fish, drink, food is often draw. Once his son Shou shop, play down the mobile phone, the customer in to walk a few bottles of drink, his son is very angry, to purchase the doorbell device on the Internet, as long as there are people in the shop, the doorbell rang, he will know that the people into the store. Welcome to the voice of the customer that is comfortable, and notify the owner to the customer.

is not feeling very magical? Once someone into the shop, not only represents a welcome to the guests, but also a reminder to the owner. My colleagues told me that he could read books, watch TV, cook meals and rest in the suite, and never lose any more.

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