2014 Jin Rui award expert review meeting held a successful list of upcoming

12 12 afternoon, Jin Rui Award activities in the expert evaluation stage, the dean of the graduate school and Youdong Channel Network Research Institute experts participated in the review, this is the last link of Jin Rui award, the final list Jinrui prize will also be identified at this point.

2014 Jin Rui Award activities carried out in the process, more than three hundred companies and brands to participate in the selection of Jin Rui award, about 2 million 600 thousand Internet users participated in the public vote, and ultimately there are nearly 70 finalists.


According to the

channel network research institute statistics show that in Jin Rui award expert review link enterprise, brand influence award finalists of the 23 enterprises, 11 enterprises catering channel development award finalists; 6 enterprises, all catering enterprises; Innovation Award finalists enterprises have 9, the catering enterprises accounted for 6; shortlisted for potential enterprise award of the 17 enterprises, including catering enterprises accounted for 10; shortlisted for the terminal support award of the 8 enterprises, including catering enterprises accounted for 7; the best short channel team / Leader Award of the 6 enterprises, catering enterprises 5. The final finalists Jin Rui award evaluation of food and beverage enterprises, accounting for 70% of the total number of finalists, which shows that the food and beverage industry to expand the demand for channels is more prominent than other industries.

in the review meeting of experts, the channel network Research Institute experts to conduct in-depth analysis and Research on the participating enterprises, including the assessment of enterprise channel management evaluation system and brand value; and the enterprise’s innovation ability, channel development ability, market development potential evaluation. The review conference strictly follow Jin Rui Award "authority, benchmarking, fairness and justice"   selection principle of winning standard strictly, guarantee the smooth progress of the assembly, the winners will be announced in the December 18th awards ceremony in Jin rui.


panel of experts is in a tense and heated discussion. The following is part of the expert jury members.

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