Clothing store location proposal

clothing store location has a lot of skills, there are more and more novice investors to join the industry, then you need to learn a lot of skills. Small finishing some successful experience, hope to bring you the correct guidance, to help you choose the right location.

opened a clothing store in this area, the number of passengers flow, customer, combination of age diversity and rich, the difference of gender and age will produce attractive. It is easy to use the center of influence and the radiation effect of the polymerization to develop their own. The bustling commercial center of shops, can make the customer to produce a sense of trust and yearning mood, especially for the purchase for the purchase of goods, consumers are willing to buy the store a large commercial centre, in order to better contrast and purchase. Therefore, the establishment of clothing stores in this area is better.

traffic or near the station

this kind of area to flow off as the center, business center, business scope, business travelers, the general should first establish a good shopping environment. Such as the store before leaving a larger open space, easy access to customers. This area does not have the commercial center of the formation of the group advantages, mostly single combat, or small groups with. Therefore, highlight their own advantages. To this kind of shop to buy more customers in order to be, the reality of the majority of psychology, clothing stores should be opened in the middle class or cheap goods, such as the general low clothing.

station to ride public transportation passengers, but because of the age, occupation, hobbies and different purposes, travel, tourism, visiting relatives, due to the large flow of people, a lot higher commercial value, for each layer in particular, make a fuss shop business clothing store on.

but merchandise must be in line with the characteristics of life needs, the price is not high, and easy to carry, clothing purchase, the customer will generally take a long time to wait for the Italy, so most of them will not buy the time between. Open this kind of area is not suitable for the clothing store, unless the traffic is recommended in the shopping area

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