Dessert shop how to spend the off-season


said there are a lot of dessert shops still operating in the winter, but the business may not be hot in summer, then how to protect the off-season profit? This is a very distressing problem. Dessert shop how to maintain a good profit in the off-season? Franchisees need to think about this question, offer some suggestions for sharing, I hope to help the franchisee to do business.

management of winter and summer in different directions, in the winter, you can add diet nourishing dessert dessert open, has the efficacy of health and disease prevention, varieties have the sugar, medicine soup paste, such as Bunao walnut paste, Runchang beauty of black sesame paste, cough Runfei almond tofu, unique taste of Taiwan taro round, treatment for gastrointestinal deficiency and cold and abdominal pain caused by the peanut Glutinous Rice Balls. In addition, spring summer autumn winter season, the season may be appropriate to launch new varieties, such as the late spring and early summer can be introduced as Tremella fruit soup signs to attract customers.

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