Fresh beef Chaoshan beef Hot pot how

Hot pot is always the food and beverage industry in the hot investment brand, we will think of when it comes to beef Hot pot beef Chaozhou Hot pot brand, do you know the famous Chaoshan beef has entered the era of supply chain Hot pot, the demand is big.

, from fresh beef dozens of stores across the country hundreds of shareholder representatives, attended the annual meeting for the first time on fresh cattle field ceremony and strong de + + fresh beef farm Hing joint investment to build Beijing’s strong fresh supply chain company officially released. Fresh cattle from the record into the base, channels, stores, three integration, from a production to the integration of the three way.

Hot pot Chaoshan beef into the supply chain era

two or three years, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta as the emergence of bamboo shoots after a spring rain two thousand or three thousand Chaoshan beef Hot pot shop, the Beijing market in Sichuan continued to become a phenomenal Hot pot, after the outbreak of the crayfish category. However, the boom will decline by the end of 2016, Shanghai closed shop loss rate has reached 40%.

eat Manniu in fast cattle era, there is a restaurant was established in May 2016 the new army, has become the first brand for the first half of Chaoshan beef Hot pot. From May 9, 2016 Beijing’s first fresh beef outlets opened in Dawanglu Regal Court, Beijing is only half the time you drove for 5, in preparation for the 11. In addition, in January 1, 2017 Shenyang’s first fresh cattle remember Fengtian Street flagship store officially opened, Harbin, Jilin, Songyuan Xi’an Qujiang Longhu shop 19 direct and stores will be opened. At present, the opening of all outlets have appeared in the off-season daily water over 30 thousand yuan, the peak season over an average of $40 thousand, breaking the weekend of 60 thousand yuan and even a hot situation of $70 thousand.

do catering, first of all you want to choose a category or an industry. Only the chain scale, brand shop can hand cattle, slaughtering, processing, semi cargo to various stores; each store to keep fresh, mutual exchange of needed products, beef alone a beef Hot pot shop simply can not do this. Select the food and beverage industry, you need to have a broader vision, the next few years of competition in the supply chain and service industry consensus.

of course to join the brand selection of Chaoshan beef Hot pot of fresh beef to remember it is a very good choice, if you keep on beef Hot pot of fresh beef to join interested, please give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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