What we need to join the restaurant to pay attention to

is the local delicacy chowhound everywhere, naturally there are countless a chowhound, along with the current food development of these years, many people are very concerned about the food and beverage industry, selected for their own entrepreneurial projects, open up their own small stores, following small series to introduce, we should pay attention to what to join in the problem.

1, choose to join the majority of the catering industry for the layman, and therefore do not have a certain degree of technical ability, so for those who need to choose a lower technical industry brand;

2, need to pay special attention to the franchisee to join the brand management of the length of time and the number of the shop, after the establishment of short chain brand is relatively in the management experience is still lacking, so the investment risk is higher;

3, to understand the industry as a whole industry trends, is in a hot development, or has been in a declining trend, which are to be considered;

4, the brand competitiveness in the industry how, after all different brands exist between certain competition, strong brand competitiveness, to help promote the popularity of the shop;

5, is in line with their own interests, the choice of whether to join the project is their favorite, if you can not make money as long as it can not say when the small series;

6, some already open stores store address from the headquarters, field to understand these point operations, as well as the development trend of the.

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