Top ten brands of nuts

because the delicious, and secondly because the nutrition, so that the nut products are quite popular in the current market, with the market development of the market is very good, the birth of the brand is too many to count. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of nuts, so that you can make a better choice in this industry.


nuts brand ranking NO.1, becheery dry cargo / nut

is located in the beautiful scenery of the Oriental leisure capital of Hangzhou, is a leisure food processing, production, trade as the main body, set chain, B2C business model as one of the new enterprise. Company under: Hangzhou Hao James Food Co. Ltd, Hangzhou becheery Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hong Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

ten NO.2 nuts brand rankings, Ichiban shop dry cargo / nut

Hubei Ichiban Shop Food Co., Ltd is a large chain business leisure food. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been adhering to the "quality – happy home -" management philosophy, to provide high-quality leisure food for the people of the motherland, has now become the largest land area in the middle of Chinese leisure food chain retail enterprises.


nuts brand ranking NO.3, Qiaqia dry cargo / nut

Qiaqia food Limited by Share Ltd was founded in August 9, 2001, is located in Hefei City, national economic and Technological Development Zone, the main production of nuts roasted seeds and nuts, baked potato chips and other snack foods. Food Co., Ltd. (002557) listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in March 2, 2011. June 1, 2011, the new image of the brand to start a new style of food, more fashion, more happy".


nuts brand ranking NO.4, huaweiheng dry cargo / nut

China huaweiheng, famous candied fruit industry brand, its full name is: Hangzhou huaweiheng Food Co., ltd.. Hua Weiheng was founded in 1992, is a traditional processing enterprises, after ten years of hard pioneer, enterprises continue to grow, have advanced testing equipment.

ten NO.5 nuts brand rankings, Amin dry cargo / nut

Shanghai orchid Amin Food Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of "famous Amin" brand of leisure food enterprises. Counterparts in the first through the ISO9001 quality system certification and HACCP food safety certification, and was named for the famous products of Shanghai City, "Amin" trademark, also has for many years been rated as Shanghai famous trademark.

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