What procedures should be required to set up a training course

now the whole society some extracurricular education training institutions is very welcomed by the people, at the same time, there are a lot of people are beginning to invest in an education and training institutions, so the establishment of school education and training institutions need to have what conditions?

1 in the application for the establishment of the school, should have a reliable source of qualified teachers, through the appointment of full-time or part-time teachers to ensure the completion of teaching tasks;

2) to meet the required standards of teaching places and facilities, equipment, etc.;

3) the establishment of schools, it is necessary to establish a sound internal organization and management agencies;

4) has the necessary school funds and stable funding sources.

Specific procedures

to run a successful education and training institutions now, we need to know and understand the shop before start-up procedures, this will be the enemy, in the whole process of the run more smoothly, and easy to succeed.


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