Join the characteristics of a lotus leaf rice how

features of lotus leaf steaming, catering sector in a health book project brand, a launch was Chinese Catering Association awarded honorary membership; in the "national small catering franchise Expo" was awarded the "national green food advocate unit" "national health promotion unit" delicacy "national green food assured units" title. China food and Beverage Association is hereby awarded the "national food promotion star" award".

obtained by China Food Culture Research Institute and Chinese Cuisine Association awarded the "national food industry outstanding enterprises", and issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "national creditable enterprise" honor.

these awards are strict, must comply with: health care, organizational integrity, quality control of raw materials, strict technology, channel management and integrity responsible for these standards.

This is

with lotus leaf rice, bearing elements of lotus leaf rice, with special herbs collected from the origin, through painstaking research and special treatment of more than and 30 kinds of dedication, unique ingenuity characteristics, more embodies the wide type, Sichuan, Hunan, desktop features dozens of lotus leaf rice, soft and delicious rice stuffing the spleen and stomach, a mouth, a memorable taste to taste, attracted many consumers!

unique quality and excellent taste, a hundred years of enduring brand strong protection!

+ + fashion shop stalls snacks family shop, meet the needs of more consumers!


joined the advantages of lotus leaf rice

do not burn gas, not burning, all round by the electric switch, according to the cook, simple and safe! No smoke, no fire, no sneezing, clean fast food, Lili soso earn a lot of money! Cooking without any blower. Cooking no sound, no smell too little jingle, only delicious fragrance! The kitchen making yourself, without paying the chef, a week of training of everyone, do not cook by steaming cabinet!

no stove, no spoon shovel, not fried without fried, cut discretionary classification, after only a knife! Sales volume, production set, transparent trading plan, to ensure fast pace of business! Good food, knowledge, there is no basis for a week without fear, class based, full of red with white! Not deep, not complicated, cast less, earn big, fast and cool and delicious, investment joined fear of what?


lotus leaf rice join policy

the first success of the blank market than you pay more attention, because in the blank market to establish a model, the headquarters will increase investment costs, it is certain that the future price will be more than two times. Strict regional protection policies in any area of the market

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