Junior college students substantial income to buy Audi

people are not the same, some people a lifetime of mediocrity, but some people age doing something big today, this is a story about Junior success, and bought a Audi story, I hope you can let us be inspired.

junior bought Audi

find the toilet, find parking spaces, find a restaurant…… The rapid development of the Internet today, a variety of professional APP services cover and contain everything. However, in order to deal with so many small things that have to download the number of APP? Kan Yilong, a senior student in Information Engineering at Nanjing Institute of Technology, was filled with ecstasy when he thought of the question in 2013.

, a young man with a lot of ideas in his head, has never been a "fantasy."". At the end of this month, he and team development, summarizes the community service function required in the APP days will be on the line in the apple and Android system system.

on Friday to see Kan Yi long, a small studio he is Nanjing Institute of Technology college business park in busy.

"a little mess in the house." He is a little feel shy in this school, free supply of the operation room, as he is 3 years. The family economic condition is not very ideal, as soon as he entered the University on the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship.

"at the beginning of the school, the school through a variety of entrepreneurial salon, I need to do to prepare for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial process is clear in mind." And to participate in various competitions to obtain an innovation innovation school credits recognition, Kan Yilong is eager for a fight on entrepreneurship.

want to start, but can not find a good business idea, the suffering of Kan Yi long will spend a lot of time looking for creative, in the Internet gradually, his entrepreneurial idea behind Not the least trace was found. Addicted to the Internet for nearly a year, the female brothers jump, he was suddenly awakened.

"sitting at home can not think of a point, we must first dry up." No money, no one Kan Yilong Xiangan up shooting, "and our schools received a lot of school leaders, school affairs, and earned 10 thousand yuan." With this family, he went to buy a large number of garment factory clothing rental. At the University of Jiangning City, the students party, extra activities, a variety of ritual clothing, suit the need for appropriate hot, later, he even supplies photography, clothing, printing products, late figure one-stop service. "During that time, I received 200 calls a day." Kan Yilong introduction, when he used to earn money to buy a $about 300000 Audi car.

school leaders personally recommend new ideas, made more than 5000 yuan investment

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