Tianjin New District to reduce the cost of entrepreneurship stimulate entrepreneurial vitality

for many modern entrepreneurs, the business cost is a factor hindering entrepreneurship forward, at the same time, especially in the big city, business cost is high, recently in Tianjin will reduce the start-up cost.

"can not simply rely on entrepreneurial enthusiasm, also should be to estimate your start-up costs through a variety of ways. In the face of the real money pressure, the government should build more various record passenger space, incubator, for young people who have entrepreneurial dreams, reduce the business cost burden." Tianjin University of Finance Economics professor Zhang Panming said.

new the next step will be to attract a wide range of domestic and abroad, especially in Beijing science and technology innovation resources, the development of hackerspaces, entrepreneurship coffee, innovative workshops and other new incubators, build more low-cost, convenience, all elements, open space and public record R & D service platform.

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