Fashion jewelry store decoration design recommendations

fashion jewelry store should be how to decorate? Interior design should be how to do? Many novice investors are very interested in this issue, if you want to successfully run the store to learn how to decorate the design knowledge, I hope you can successfully get a good business.

1. shop recruit settings. Try to give people a strong visual impact, the color can be red or yellow, shop area to be designed to be large and exquisite, and do not hang too high.

2. entrance design. 20 square meters of fashion jewelry stores can use 1 entrance, to be placed in another direction of the cashier; in no circumstances can the window, open the entrance, but also can better display the store layout; the store should have 2 channels, shopping.

3. spatial layout. Fashion jewelry store layout generally consists of two basic space: first, commodity space, such as counters, windows, shelves, platforms, etc.; two is the clerk and customer space. The window is more transparent glass door, according to the size of the store design different layout; counter can be set in the wall of the position, the middle is placed shelves, forming two customer channel. The main channel between 2~4 meters, the channel shall not be less than 1.2 meters. The window to display the most conspicuous position, can display the characteristics of a product or mainstream popular products to attract customers; display shelves, can combination collocation, can also be used in the form of small commodity Duitou, try to give customers a more relaxed and natural feeling.

fashion jewelry store decoration design is mainly to show the advantages of the store as much as possible to facilitate consumer shopping. If the design is not reasonable, consumers will not be very comfortable shopping environment, the impact of consumer shopping will adversely affect the profitability of the store, the above skills you learn it?

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