How to open a factory.

is not only the entrepreneurial struggle can do more, also need entrepreneurs to according to market demand, mining real has a good development opportunities, so that their own career development to a greater extent. Then, start home clogs factory?

shoe style variety on the market range on the market, most of the material for leather, cloth, shoe material is single; from the consumer point of view, the consumer is the pursuit of comfortable, beautiful and durable shoes. But with the improvement of people’s living standard, demand for shoes are increasingly high, not only as a kind of shoes clothing collocation, a decoration, a warm pursuit of the most basic, more requirements to improve foot comfort and health; this kind of shoes in the market is less, the market prospect is good as well; open a physiotherapy function Clogs Shoes factory.

as a project or choose clogs selling point, there is some truth in medical research, Li Shizhen said "Compendium of Materia Medica", camphorwood waterskis except beriberi. That is to say can make full use of nature has the therapeutic effect on limb processed material, because the tree clogs; the material itself has a different color, in the upper zone, and all kinds of number seven, who will entertain high aesthetic taste; now the wooden shoe using modern technology, no sound, easy to wear. Modern and traditional, a pair of shoes made of carrying heavy historical modern decoration method collocation, will blow a new round of traditional fashion.

: according to the processing site a pipeline configuration, occupying an area of 200 square meters of production plant, after finishing the assembly, inspection and packaging of 100 square meters (excluding warehousing, logistics, office), employing about 30 people (mainly to women, the specific number of investment scale and size). According to the production cost per class output of about 500 double wooden shoes.

processing equipment: because the key technology is the processing production of clogs clogs, and the upper surface of production is not complicated. According to the characteristics of clogs irregular curve and industrial demand for standardization, standardization of production units need. At present, the domestic production of standardized units clogs consists of three parts, three units: grinding and polishing unit milling clogs unit, positive and negative curve milling unit and a peripheral chassis.

these three units are currently about $48000. As the upper supporting production can use foreign outsourcing, just pay attention to quality, design and color collocation. This machine is widely used, in the replacement of cutting tool, mold, machining special-shaped wood pieces can also be used for all kinds of high-grade wooden hangers, toilet seat cover, furniture bending parts.

marketing proposal: can contact with the local, in the local open the design of unique personality characteristics, have a taste of the store; 2, can enter the large shopping malls, expand >

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