How to save money in the early days of the development of personal website

talk about how to save money in the early stages of the development of personal web site (200 yuan) big problem of development (original)

a lot of personal website owners, including me, are on the side of the work, while doing the station, and think about the day the site’s revenue can be more than wage income, you do not have to go to work, do a full-time website.

is precisely because of this reason, so we think with minimum investment to get good income, although this website development cycle to a little longer, but we are not professional, not the income of the site we can live, so it does not matter.

investment is the cost of space and domain names, the domain name is very small, only a few decades, who can afford. The space charge to find a cheap flat-share server, so you can get the maximum price in less space, if it is to buy a virtual host, the price is almost, but the space is pathetic. I spent 150 bought the 100M space (if it is flat-share, at least spend 150 to buy 1000M), now is really funny.

website development a few months later, if the content is good, then IP should have more than 1000. Use the IP, you can get some income, in my experience, some of the ads in the domestic, 1000IP day is only a few dollars, but some advertisers also required Alexa Rankings, so many long outside the station.

here I recommend you put Google, in fact the beginning I also put, but because the traffic is too small, not what the income, but the most recent period, began to flow long, every day there are 1000-2000IP, Google, the daily income of about $3, which is about 24 yuan. As long as you do the first half, there will be thousands of dollars.

with the money, it is best to buy their own server, the server is now cheap, IBM, HP, 5000 yuan. Then go to the custody, because in their own hands, so everything is fine. There will be no dispute, but also the development of multiple sites, and no need to spend money.

I want to get the money to buy their own servers, put in the home, rent a ADSL bandwidth of more points, but then one count, plus electricity fee of ADSL a year, thousands, and custodian fees almost, but the bandwidth is far less than the managed.

so you want to start 200 yuan, first of all, the development of web traffic, and then put the Google and some other advertising, do a year later, to buy a server hosting.


above is true of my experience, and because of flat-share network disputes, I don’t want to go to flat-share now. IBM is being started to buy the server (we can check the Internet), and then go to hosting, so do not want to do a number of sites, more importantly, no longer by IDC gas.

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