Business should trust your judgment

how to purchase, how to run, everyone will have their own judgments, but there are some businesses because others persuade, or that is because of the interest factors, always not to insist on their own judgment, leading to the final business made a very big impact. Remember when I shop, I purchase in the wholesale supply and marketing cooperatives. At that time our country from planned economy to market economy, the street there are various wholesale department, but I still trust the supply and marketing cooperatives, although is a private individual, after all, not one or two years of friendship, trustworthy.

is now the wholesale department can not be used as a proxy point mentioned in the same breath, most of all kinds of goods business, business or product distribution agent and a wholesale agreement accompanied by courier to the sales outlets. As our retail operators must keep their eyes open, do not be fooled by the interests of others kidnapping. We now look at the shop order agents: 10 to send 1, 50 to send 7100 to send 20200 to send 50…… Don’t let you choose, let your heart.

if we can manage, then we must calm down, you can sell how much you know, want to chase cheap greedy awards, but that the full amount of deposit to cargo, ah, want to sell is not a simple matter; if the liquor better said, if the milk, all love fresh, the pressure of goods only pay don’t make. Of course, at the time of discharge, the supplier should be full, to the shelf life of the goods; you do not want to think, who sold the goods, can not sell back to the. Make such a mistake, do not count on suppliers, to close contact with the joint sales, or direct sales to save more losses.

and I often deal with suppliers, each distribution has the wholesale department do, there is a safe starting point for goods, we are not afraid of a little expensive but not affordable. Remember last year, a luxury van parked in front of my shop, down two salesman, asked me: "the boss selling blue Geely blade?" "Sell!" I promise. I’m not interested in strangers who sell themselves privately. He said happily: "great, our company dedicated to give you the award." A warm underwear, a big umbrella, a pot…… Two people are busy moving to my shop. I am busy to dissuade: "I did not sell your goods with what you want to award."

he smiled and said: "this time I company engaged in activities, as long as a commodity prices in half, 5 in prizes are you." God, the wholesale department can enter so much? I have to sell a god knows how long ah, but I do not know is true or false. I thought that there must be a catch, a contrast, took his goods and I said: "I cannot sell your goods." He also vowed: "I want you to make more money." "You make me make money, you want me to close the door." Two the prize went to move the car.

business has to make a loss is often the case, most of us can not control the market, the loss is normal, which

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