Changzhou college students enjoy subsidized loans to open shop

with the current popularity of the network, and now more and more college students through open shop to achieve independent employment. Recently, the city of Changzhou to promote college students’ employment, it is provides a convenient policy to offer shop, Changzhou college students open shop can enjoy the discount preferential policies.

Changzhou: Shop eligible loans discount

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reporter yesterday from Jiangsu city of Changzhou province people club Bureau, recently, Changzhou city has also introduced policies to promote employment of college graduates, including expanded two range loans of financial object and flexible employment social security subsidies.

it is understood that the Changzhou city will make the adjustment range of small loans discount policy object. The discount object in our city business license within 3 years, and like the open shop that unlicensed entrepreneurs can not enjoy the discount loan policy. Supplementary policies forthcoming in the near future, offering shop like loans can also enjoy preferential policies in e-commerce network platform of college graduates in Changzhou city residence. Business students to the domicile of the streets of social labor security for the loan amount of 10 to 500 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan of the following part of the financial sector will be the benchmark lending rate full discount, 100 thousand yuan above the benchmark lending rate by 50% to provide discount, discount period of not more than 2 years.

Changzhou Hukou in the year of graduation to achieve flexible employment of college graduates unemployed school leavers, such as according to the provisions in the public employment service agencies for personnel employment and unemployment registration and payment of social insurance premiums, will be able to enjoy the government to give social security subsidies, subsidy standards to pay social insurance premiums for the 60%, the longest period of subsidies not more than 2 years.

Changzhou municipal government for students to open shop provide loan discount preferential policies, but also for low-income graduates, graduates with disabilities to give job subsidies, the highest per person can receive 1000 yuan subsidy funds.

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