How much does it cost to open a jade shop

shop start-up is the need for funds, we only have sufficient funds to be able to make the possibility of higher entrepreneurial dream. Of course, no matter what we decide to start doing business, the premise is the need for adequate funding. Then, the opening of the jade shop about how much money?

on the purchase of open jade shop in, how much money to open jade shop, because the goods have hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of billions of dollars of goods, mainly depends on what grade do jade goods. General low grade jade shop decoration down 500 thousand minimum purchase.

jade shop decoration should not be too expensive, the general decoration, the ceiling can be scraped square porcelain, light, depending on how much you open shop, selling what kind of jade? In order to calculate the area, to put the counter, look at the number of density to remember, in order to emerald (ordinary) to calculate, a square meter two to thirty thousand. The quality of jade and so on, the price will be higher, exponentially high, find a good supply will help you save a lot of money, can be considered to start from a young age, the scale gradually expanded.

jade and jade, which is more valuable, if you want to do so much more capital. And these two kinds of jade in recent years rose very badly. In particular, Hetian jade, last year rose about 30%. If you open a simple jade shop, fifty thousand yuan is enough. Fifty thousand yuan and Tian Yu do not work.

and relatively cheap agate jade. Shipments are also large. And the division is not much. If you find a good source can try. The Confucius temple in Nanjing to sell them, I looked at the time the goods are compared, but took the price is very cheap. Large flow of people. A lot of people buy or good.

jade shop after the operation of different products, in general, it can be said, how much money you can throw into. After all, a variety of high-end jade prices can be expensive. But if your funds are limited, a few million can also open a jade shop.

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