The entrepreneurial success of Arts Tang Yan, Luo Wen Qing as the representative of the nternet cou

Chinese early Internet arena, professional and technical background to occupy a door upright: Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Zhou Hongyi, Ding Lei, Lei jun…… These now achieve success and win recognition entrepreneurs, are representative of typical science students, they usually thought simple, low-key and pragmatic, focusing on the product itself D – in contrast, Ma graduated from Hangzhou Normal University and Fudan University Department of economics Chen Tianqiao, has become the industry’s offbeat. For example, love martial arts Ma gave his office named "Taohua Island", the conference room is called "Brightness", Restroom called "tingyuxuan" – this is called "the unique feelings of liberal arts students".


but nearly five years, the origin of Chinese entrepreneurs quietly changed: a new generation of Internet entrepreneurs, began to appear in the form of liberal arts students. Mo Mo technology Tang Yan, elephant Association Huang Zhangjin, snowball technology and hammer technology Luo Yonghao side of salmon…… Different business and science students, these "non-technical" people love to talk about human feelings, attention to user experience, emphasize the life aesthetics of entrepreneurship, life is rejected scavenger boring mode, enjoy love, love rock, wine and friends.

in the mobile Internet era, these people are different from the science students in another dimension of thinking, and hammer phone high-profile release, so that this group of people once again aroused concern. Interestingly, with Luo Yonghao as the center, whether it is business or life, between the group gathered in Beijing’s ambitions lofty exist.

young people into the capital

Huang Zhangjin, Luo Yonghao, and three, the most representative of the liberal arts students in the tide of entrepreneurship in Beijing – before the meeting in, their lives are not visible intersection. As one of the smallest, Tang rock is a traditional way of study. As one of the oldest, Huang Zhangjin removed the media, self styled "more senior news workers, senior netizen, long unidentified crowd"; of course, high school dropout, put off stall, opened kebab shop, bought a car, drugs smuggled across the Korean Luo Yonghao, definitely the most legendary character a.

In 2001

, a construction company has just graduated from the Architecture Department of Chengdu University of Technology Tang Yan in Hunan Loudi when the engineering supervision, no love to write novels, send comments. That is a small local community cafe owners established in Hunan, and Tang Yan active in the community during the same period, as well as the devil instructor Huang Zhangjin. One time, Tang Yan wrote a text Tucao a lot of rotten, Huang Zhangjin saw, hey ". This is the first intersection of two people – on the invisible internet.

2003, Tang Yan was at the time of the NetEase chief Li Xueling recruited into the NetEase, Hunan Loudi youth 24 years younger then make a city, do eight years, a road from the comments channel editor, Olympic Channel responsible person do news director and editor. In NetEase, the most important thing is to recruit people to do the news of the original impulse, "the rest are minor"

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