What causes entrepreneurs to have no customers

many entrepreneurs fail, often complain about their bad luck can not choose a good investment projects. In fact, the biggest reason for the failure of their own business. Many entrepreneurs just started because there is no traffic, often give up. What causes entrepreneurs to have no clients?

1, excuse yourself for

with excuses, not as good as the first to honestly admit their mistakes, and then try to make things better. Even if you work overtime, give the customer a discount, and the customer needs to be sent to his home that night. When you can take on all the responsibility and correct your mistakes, a bad thing will make you win the trust of customers.

2, ignoring feedback information

to find answers to these questions will help you. You’ll find out what you’ve done and what’s not. If a customer is not satisfied, you can take action before he changes his mind. When you make a questionnaire to the customer, it shows that you pay attention to him.

3, thinking negative slack

to start their own business is going to be easy? Think about it, once you start a business, you have to be ready to run for cash and carry a lot of petty and heavy burdens. But no matter how hard it is, you have to keep your head up and smile. People just want to do business with people who are confident. Get rid of vicious spiral negative thoughts, focus on your goal, no matter how many setbacks you encounter that can eventually xinxiangshicheng. Your unwavering confidence in yourself will also increase your confidence in your business.

4, damage the reputation of competitors

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