Entrepreneurial heroes have ignited countless entrepreneurial passion

a lot of people usually like to see some chicken soup story, not only to motivate themselves but also want to learn some of their entrepreneurial path. Deng Feng is an entrepreneurial hero, his story exciting, but also inspire more entrepreneurial passion.

in Silicon Valley, ignite entrepreneurial impulse Deng Feng met classmate Ke Yan Qinghua and another partner Xie Qing, three young men started work in planning their own future. At the beginning, three people did not quit their jobs, but in Deng Feng’s garage, every Saturday to start a business project, and then a week two times, and then every night to meet. Soon, Deng Feng resigned from Intel’s "golden rice bowl", give up $1 million shares of Intel, the business on the road, they put the new company named NetScreen, to solve the problem of network security through hardware.

and a "garage start" of the story appeared, but this time the protagonist replaced all the Chinese.

2001 by the end of the year, Deng Feng’s NetScreen listed on nasdaq. It is the first listed company in the United States stock market after the "9.11" incident. Japan’s Nikkei BP agency in a report to the Silicon Valley model of youth is still in the title, highly appraised the process of listed companies NetScreen adversity.

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