Hubei provides 120 million support funds for entrepreneurs

in the popular stage, the mass of entrepreneurship and innovation has begun to turn into a new social theme in Hubei province in order to further help and encourage the majority of entrepreneurs to carry out innovation activities, launched funds and projects to help.

recently learned from the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Hubei Province, from the beginning of this year, the optimization and integration of key industry innovation team and the original "double hundred" project in Hubei Province, heavy launch strategy innovation team project.

"the project aims to" promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "strategy, guide and support the high level talents to the enterprise and the frontline of production agglomeration, enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness." Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Deputy Minister of provincial Party committee, director of the office of the provincial agency personnel office director Zhai Tianshan introduced, in the concentration of financial resources to do big things principle, in 2015 the province will be the selection of technological innovation strategy, strategic entrepreneurship team 30 team 60, will receive 126 million 500 thousand yuan of financial funds to support period.

it is reported that the project undertaken by the third party evaluation mechanism, classification assessment and supervision of team operation; enterprises have illegal acts, the relevant provincial departments within 3 years will no longer accept the enterprise, to declare the project team members.


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