How to put home textile stores goods

home textile stores have a variety of merchandise display program, different brands using different methods, but there are some common point is that each home textile stores will be noted that these points, what is it? Today Xiaobian take you to analyze, I hope you can help to grasp the opportunity to get rich.

1, attractive

will be full of existing goods piling up to highlight the momentum; the right price tag on display; complete bedding, deliberately removed a few pieces of merchandise, convenient customer pick-up, and cause signs of good sales.

2, price

3, profitability

4, place

for the traditional store shelves, the cash register refers to the position behind the counter and sight high near the counter, etc.. For supermarkets or parity stores, and the line of sight, such as high shelves, customer access centers, the central position of the shelves are ideal location.

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