Food and beverage business is not good problem may have these

as a food and beverage industry chiefs, in the beginning you have had this experience, is the product of a certain period of time do not worse than others, even better than others of their service, but the source is far from someone’s home, it can not find the problem that you cannot touch. Only anxious. Then you know your business is not good, the problem may be where? Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a few, I hope to help operators.

one, not only to operate the product, but also to operate the crowd

1, population subdivision

different consumer values, consumer attitudes, interests and hobbies are completely different, because each person’s living environment, the growth environment is not the same, each consumer has its own unique place. But there are a lot of similarities between people. There is such a word, Like attracts like. people and the group of points, although the environment is not exactly the same, but people still have a similar local environment. For example, 90 living and growing environment is similar, now they are just entering the workplace, wages are not high, love love English drama, with millet mobile phone, this is their common. And after 80 and 90 is completely different. They have some success in the workplace, have a higher level of consumption, have common values, which is common between them, after the restaurant owner will make a good segmentation crowd, service for their own people.

2, the focus of the crowd

After the breakdown of the

population, the following is the focus of the crowd. The restaurant owner to understand such a truth, you can not meet the restaurant owner, can not let everyone love your restaurant, do not deal with things so the restaurant to do one thing, let you love your people a restaurant can, own restaurant only good service can be the kind of person.

determine a good crowd, is the location of the problem, the positioning of different tactics are completely different. For a class of people and competition, different focus, the restaurant is changed tactics.


restaurant in addition to pay attention to their own products, but also pay attention to a very important problem, that is in the hearts of consumers demand, need to have very deep observation for consumers to know what consumers need, then watch pain points, to give consumers a different experience, better meet their spiritual needs.

3, crowd attraction

fans of the Internet economy is a huge challenge for traditional dining. Because they created a new shop model, first fans, after the store and products.

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