King Palace kettle rice cake Hot pot characteristic brand market

many projects are in the traditional brand Hot pot has its own way of doing the transformation, such as the concept of health Hot pot to stick to, on the formation of the rice cake Hot pot catering brand. King palace is the concept of Hot pot kettle rice cake for health, environmental protection, and the unique design concept into Korean cuisine, Korean cuisine into favorite rice cake to Hot pot, the formation of the history of the one and only, to create a new culture and rice cake, taste a unique interpretation of Han two.

The rise of the

Hot pot rice cake, not only to get rid of the roadside eating rice cake image, can become the good famous cuisine. At present, King Palace kettle Korean cuisine in Beijing to have a rice cake Hot pot twelve outlets, called every day there are tens of thousands of people, even some people at two days before the scheduled position, visible Korean cuisine is very popular Hot pot rice cake, in Beijing, every day there are many diners to share lunch and dinner. If you pass by here, you will see that there will be a citizen here.

king palace kettle rice cake is mainly used in Hot pot rice cake, is transported from the Korean cold, the taste is very Q, and there are unique ingredients in rice cake, not only can satisfy various chowhound taste buds, on the vision also have great impact, at the same time, Hot pot soup is selection of Superior Soup for example, whitebait, bovine bone and rod, with South Korea in thirty kinds of spices, and boil for twenty hours, the spicy taste mellow, Korean cuisine today, Hot pot rice cake tasted the authentic Korean food at home can eat, such that the goods are in their hometown in satiate.

as a new brand, King Palace kettle rice cake Hot pot in a short period of time to pinch, many investors will win approval, not only let people sit up and take notice. Why can the king palace kettle rice cake in the market open Hot pot from the road of wealth?, as a restaurant specializing in the project of the company, every step is to carefully build good and good support to join, to the greatest extent to achieve perfection.

is on the scene above the kettle palace to join the short answer Hot pot rice cake, of course, if you join the brand items of interest, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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